Glycol Systems/Cooling Systems


    Glycol Systems are used as a heat exchanger media in many industries such as food processing and in the manufacturing of industial products.

    It is critical that these systems maintain their integrity in operation in order for the particular processes involved to operate at maximum efficiency.

    To maintain their integrity, glycol systems should be tested on a regular basis in order to check for such things as: (i) Concentration of the solution, (ii) Proper inhibition of the solution, (iii) Concentration in the form of iron or any other metals that may be present in the solution as a result of improper inhibition, or from external contamination of the system through faulty operational practices.










    Here at Canadian Chemical Cleaning we have the experience and expertise to properly sample and test glycol systems, and provide customers with a complete analysis of their glycol solution. Then, should chemical cleaning be necessary as a result of a badly fouled system we have the capability to drain the system, dispose of contaminated glycol and clean the system prior to refilling it with new and properly inhibited glycol.